Música Pop/Rock - Laura Pergolizzi (Long Island, 18 de março de 1981), mais conhecida por seu nome artístico LP é uma cantora e compositora norte-americana.

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"Lost on You

When you get older, plainer, saner
When you remember all the danger we came from
Burning like embers, falling, tender
Long before the days of no surrender
Years ago
And well you know

Smoke them if you got them
'Cause it's going down
All I ever wanted was you
I'll never get to heaven
'Cause I don't know how
Let's raise a glass or two

To all the things I lost on you
Oh oh
Tell me are they lost on you?
Oh oh
Just that you could cut me loose
Oh oh
After everything I've lost on you
Is that lost on you?
Oh oh
Is that lost on you?
Oh oh
Baby is that lost on you?
Is that lost on you?

Wishing I could see them back in nations
Understand the toil of expectations in your mind
Hold me like you never lost your patience
Tell me that you love me more than hate me all the time
And you're still mine

So smoke 'em if you've got 'em
'Cause it's going down
All I ever wanted was you
Let's take a drink of ever lisk
And turn around
Let's raise a glass or two

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